"A young lady's physical beauty can by no means outshine the inner beauty that radiates from her heart & spirit"- Michael Jackson

The main thing that I hate most, is ignorance"

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"I love people who have really contributed to the pleasure & happiness of the planet & mankind.. people with light."- Michael Jackson

Before u know if u are black or white, before u know of what religion u are a part, u have to know that u are loved'- Michael Jackson

"And I pray a lot and that’s how I deal with it and I’m a strong person, I’m a warrior. And I know what’s inside of me. I’m a fighter."

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"When you know something's wrong for you, you have to make difficult decisions and trust your instincts."

"At the end of the day, I’m still human, you know, I’m still a human being." ~ Michael Jackson ~

"As a wise man once said, 'If not us, then who; if not now, then when?'."

"When I create music I always hope that my music will give joy to many people.If that happens I am very happy.Giving joy makes one happy.

"We all have to make important changes.... We have to learn to live and love together." Michael Jackson

"I dont care if the whole world is against you or teasing you or saying you're not gonna make it. Believe in yourself. No matter what." ~MJ~

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